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KBAT, The Choice 2 Believe is an internet Christian radio station that plays the world over. KBAT is not a reporting station but plays the original music of Christian and Inspirational independent artists to help promote and gain more exposure for their music.

Our mission is to bring to the world positive, uplifting and professional materials of the highest Christian quality.

 KBAT Christian Radio can also be heard directly from the KRY Key London servers by going here...KBAT

or by visiting the Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment website...Dreamin' 


KBAT is a department of DOLERN,  ( Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment Radio Network ) a division of indie Christian/Gospel recording company, Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment.

 Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment


KBAT, The Choice 2 Believe,  Are U 'N The Game ? 


Be sure to check out the KBAT commercial  located on the Conversin' Freestyle page or here...Commercial

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For more information on the various artists played on KBAT be sure to visit the links page. 

Today is the first day of your life, live it as though it were your last. Take each step with considerable consideration. Let life live and that that ceases to exist prevail elsewhere. For all are beautiful in their own existence, and that is as it should be. Be humble and merciful and always be reassured and positive. Follow your spirit for spirit truly exists in all, and only those that believe can ever really achieve their niche in life. Peace, "Poetry" (As published in The Library of Poetry's 1996 anthology, "Walk Through Paradise")


The child we sponsor is from Indonesia. Won't you sponsor a child also ?

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“It’s A Good Day” written by Jaime Thietten/Shaun Shankel/Buckley Miller/Robert Morrison. Performed by Jaime Thietten from the cd “Love Along The Way” .  Jaime

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